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Rothnie Financial Security

Welcome to Rothnie Financial Security where it is our mission “to educate our clients to make informed decisions about their financial future

We are a specialist Risk Advisory practice and take pride in working for you, the client, rather than an Insurer or Financial Institution.

Our values of trust, quality and security guide us in our key objective which is to find the most cost effective Insurance products, features and service solutions available in the market tailored for your individual and specific needs and circumstances.

We understand your time is precious, we are very experienced and we do everything possible to make the process of insurance simple and efficient.

We believe no debt should outlive the person who created it. At Rothnie Financial Security, you can rely on us to provide you Financial security for Life…

Why Dental Professionals Choose Me


I am a Medical professional specialist


I own the business so you know you are dealing with the decision maker


I personally assist all of my clients with claims


I have access to all of Australia's major Life Insurers


I am a PPS Mutual Accredited Adviser

Income Protection ‘Must-Haves’

As a Dental professional,we consider that your Income Protection
policy should contain the following non-negotiable features:

  • Cover for Blood-borne disease infection
  • Must not contain “capability clauses”
  • Day 1 Partial disability definition
  • A multi-tier disability definition
  • The ability to increase your cover each year without the need for further medical evidence

If you are unsure that your policy covers ALL of these,please get in touch with us by phone on (07) 3715 8513 or email at info@rothniefs.com.au

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